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Smile Makeovers

Invisalign®: The Difference is Clear!

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September 28, 2022

At Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, we value your trust and the investment you make in your smile. We’re passionate about dental care and helping patients achieve the healthy, beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted. 

A clear path to a straight smile

From the moment Invisalign®* treatment arrived on the scene more than twenty years ago, this remarkable aligner system has revolutionized the provision of orthodontic care. Gone are the days of bulky braces and wires. Today, it’s possible to straighten your smile with care that’s practically invisible.

As the first and foremost aligner system available today, Invisalign aligners continue to set the standards for care. With advancements in materials and technology, Invisalign offers effective, efficient, and discreet solutions for simple to complex orthodontic issues in children, adults, and teens.

The Invisalign advantage:

  • Virtually transparent custom aligners made to the exact requirements of your smile
  • Predictable and proven results based on millions of smiles
  • Patented SmartTrack® material for optimal comfort, fit, and treatment outcomes
  • Just the right amount of gentle, healthy, and effective orthodontic forces
  • Direct dentist supervision and face-to-face care

Why choose Invisalign over direct-to-consumer brands?

Although pursuing less expensive direct-to-consumer aligner systems is tempting, you must carefully consider the tradeoffs and risks. Your smile represents a complex integration of oral health, functional harmony, and aesthetics. For this reason, it’s essential that a skilled and experienced dentist provide the supervision needed to achieve optimal results and ones that will last for years to come.

With Invisalign treatment from the office of Stunning Smiles of Las Vegas, your care is meticulously treatment planned and monitored every step of the way. Dr. Racanelli provides direct supervision and face-to-face care from the consultation and diagnostic workup through active care and post-treatment retention. 

There’s no time like the present!

Remember, an attractive, healthy smile contributes to a positive self-image and helps make a great first impression on everyone you meet. When you’re satisfied with the look of your smile, you’re likely to smile broadly and confidently more often!

For more information on Invisalign treatment and what our office can do to improve the look, health, and function of your smile, give us a call today. We offer the best all-inclusive Invisalign experience in Las Vegas!

*Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology, Inc.