The Impact of Tooth Decay / Why It’s Worth It to Prevent and Repair Cavities

A cavity (tooth decay) is permanent damage to the hard surfaces of your teeth that can cause serious damage if left untreated.

Cavities are formed when certain bacteria in your mouth are exposed to sugar and starch from foods and drinks. This combination creates acids that eat away at your tooth’s hard outer layer (called enamel), compromising the tooth with tiny holes or openings.

If left untreated, cavities can expand and harm deeper layers of your teeth, causing painful toothaches or infections. If left to progress, untreated cavities can lead to irreparable tooth damage, resulting in tooth loss.

Cavity Repair for Healthy, Beautiful Teeth

An obvious silver filling (called amalgam) is not the only way to repair your cavities.

To achieve sturdy and realistic results, Dr. Trembley uses composite resin, a tooth-colored material used in restorative dentistry, to fill cavities. Once your tooth has been cleared of tooth decay, the composite filling will be applied in fine layers that will harden to protect your tooth from further damage.

Composite Resin Filling Benefits

  • A Stronger Bond. Silver cavity treatments do not bond with the surface of your teeth. Composite resin fillings not only bond and seal damaged teeth, but Smile On Nashville carries over 20 different shades and translucencies to ensure we can match to your existing teeth.
  • Less Drilling. Amalgam fillings do not bond with your teeth, which requires more drilling to create a stable setting. Because composite resin fillings bond to your teeth, less drilling is needed and more of your natural, healthy tooth can be left in tact.
  • A Natural Finish. With a realistic, tooth-colored finish, a composite resin filling leaves your teeth with a natural finish that’s resistant to further tooth decay damage.

When the decay has been taken out of the tooth, it is replaced with “filling” material. In the past, amalgam (silver) fillings were placed into the cleaned out portion of the tooth. With advancements in dentistry, you can now have tooth-colored fillings instead of silver fillings. You may even elect to remove your old silver fillings in favor of new, undetectable tooth-colored fillings.




Bonding is a tooth-colored material applied and adhered to the surface of the tooth without reducing the structure of the tooth in most cases.

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